Saturday , December 5 2020
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In a previous job, I had lots of contact with clients. Occasionally, I received comments I doubt I would hear if I had another complexion. It has not been a big issue for me, although it is not okay. Sometimes it becomes almost tragicomic. But still, it is not okay.

For example, the time I worked in the reception and the client “didn’t want help from someone like me”, waiting for a Norwegian colleague to become available. Or the time I made house call and when my colleague introduced me, we wear met by the reply “I wish I had a servant as well”.

But I remember one time was just too much. It was another house call, but this time I was alone, and it was a new location. Before I could introduce myself, the lady started yelling at me for 10 minutes without stopping. When she finally realized who I was and why I was there, she did a 360 and became super friendly. But the experience stayed with me. After that, I took great care to introduce my identity card before introducing myself, as if I were an FBI agent. But everyone should be given the chance to make a good first impression without having to hide behind a card.

I would like to encourage everyone to be brave enough to not “shoot first and ask questions later”!

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